Believe in something bigger

Photo from one of the villagers we met on a mission trip to Guatemala.


“Kristal, hope is to believe in something bigger than you can ever imagine. Our God is that big, and He’s capable of some very big things.”

This is a quote from the book “Hope Lives Here”.  Great reminder – dream big cuz God’s got this. Are we living like that? Are we believing in big dreams?

Drilling a well… what is the impact?

We don’t really know the impact of our actions. I was watching a video clip the other day about drilling wells and their impact. Here were some of the words some people from a village used to describe the impacts of a well by their homes:
It’s not only to survive, but to dream.
No longer watch their children slowly die.

As a mother, I cannot even imagine such a life. So blessed. So humbled. Honored to be part of God’s story.

Southern Authors Expo

img_3290 img_3291 img_3292

Had a great time at the Authors expo and met some wonderful people!  Sold some books and maybe even got the start of a book club!  Hope Lives Here is a great read about the organization Casas por Cristo, Guatemala, and building homes and hope. It’s about missions and how missions breaks your heart for those in need.

Hope Lives Here brings hope to those who need it most. Once you build one of these houses for Casas por Cristo, you will see that it’s often those who are serving who are impacted as much as those who are served.