When you ask bold prayers, it gives God a chance to show off.

Here are the missions I have a strong desire for:

– Casas por Cristo

– Compassion International


From the Casas por Cristo website:

“Located at the southern tip of México, Guatemala is the most populated country in Central America. With over 13 million inhabitants, 56% of the population is living in poverty. The majority of Guatemalans reside in rural areas outside of the bustling streets of Guatemala City. These mountainous country sides are where you will find the heart of this nation.

Rooted deep in its indigenous Mayan culture, it is typical to see the traditional dress worn by women and children as they carry belongings in baskets upon their heads. Produce stands line the dirt streets and small markets carry meat for purchase daily. The roads are typically filled with potholes, which turn into muddy pathways during the rainy season.

Many of the outlying villages are scattered with homes made of wood or bamboo and covered by rusty tin roofs. The inside of homes are typically sparse with only the most basic necessities; a fire pit to cook meals, ceramic jugs for holding water and mats woven from palms that are rolled out onto the dirt floor at night and used for sleeping.

Due to the lack of resources, women and children often suffer most from the poverty. Children are malnourished and forced to work to help provide for their family. With an already extremely high illiteracy rate, the problem continues to grow. Although many public schools are free, uniforms, books and transportation are still a required expense. Rather than learning in classrooms, many children spend their days rolling wicks for fireworks to help with the income. This job provides an average of 10 cents per 400 fireworks or 10 dollars for a full week of work. And although agriculture provides for 50 percent of the labor force, residents continue to struggle through seasonal labor on coffee, cotton and sugar plantations.

With adequate housing provided, families are relieved of one of their greatest financial struggles and a break is made in this vicious cycle. Children are given a hope for the future while parents can use their resources for food and necessities rather than shelter. As the American church partners with the Guatemalan church a perfect picture of the gospel is painted as cultures and nations are bridged together bringing about necessary provisions in the name of Christ.”


About Compassion International

From the website: Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The ministry releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult.

Compassion’s work has grown from modest beginnings in South Korea in 1952 when American evangelist Rev. Everett Swanson felt compelled to help 35 children orphaned by the Korean conflict. Today, it is a worldwide ministry where millions of children are now reaping the benefits of one man’s clear, God-given vision.

The goal of this book is to plant a seed in the reader to be compelled to be the one who makes hope happen for children all over the world. Children all over the world are suffering under the oppression of drought, famine, disease, and natural disasters. There are real Domiku’s and Tausey’s in the world that need your help. We can change the world, one sponsor at a time.

For more information about Compassion International and how you can become a sponsor, please go http://www.compassion.com